Netvious Discover

Future Insights 

With our knowledge of future insights, we bring our clients a new perspective. Our solutions combine strategic thinking with practicality to help navigate through technology as it continually changes. We want to make sure you have the right plan in place that will work for years to come.


Site Surveys/Analysis 

Netvious will carefully assess your business site to determine necessary adjustments to optimize network performance. Our Wi-Fi Site Analysis helps us understand all wireless and mobility issues so we can develop an actionable plan for your needs.

Data Analytics

With data analytics, you gain actionable insights to facilitate accurate and timely decisions. Netvious can help your company to better understand your performance and the factors that affect it, as well as


Guest Engagement 

Turn your wireless network into a guest engagement platform with simple, built-in tools for your business. We can help you create splash pages with videos and surveys, offer targeted promotions and more that can benefit your company, and satisfy your customers with free wireless access. Guest engagement integrated with wireless connectivity is the perfect way to bring new revenue and customer loyalty.

Push Marketing 

When customers connect to your Wi-Fi network, you have an easy way to further connect with them for marketing purposes. Improve your rate of returning customers by sending information about real-time promotions, targeted discounts, and special events – even before they leave the venue.