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With our high-performance wireless solutions, your Wi-Fi becomes predictable, scalable, and manageable. You can rely the wireless network under the most extreme interference conditions to avoid slowing, stalling or freezing. New applications and services add dimensions to performance and capacity requirements of Wi-Fi designs and we provide a simple solution for any of your complex wireless problems.



Whether you need brand new infrastructure or seek to replace some older failing parts of your systems, Netvious is here to help. We use our expertise, along with individual infrastructure evaluations, to leverage your infrastructure to meet your changing needs. Avoid performance and capacity issues and high security risks with older applications and systems, and upgrade to the quality solutions you deserve.



SDWAN/ Multisite 

SDWAN, or “Software-Defined Wide Area Network” is transforming traditional networks. Moving toward modern technology trends, SDWAN increases network agility by automating the programming process. The multi-site feature leverages various network paths to enhance connection speed and improve performance. We partner with Riverbed and Xirrus to offer this cost-effective option for companies looking to optimize their network reliability and capabilities.

Content Filtering

One way to improve productivity and eliminate internal problems is through content filtering. With one click, you can filter through websites and emails and make the business the highest priority.

Digital Signage

Signage can have a significant effect on many aspects of the business. From marketing promotions, to informative graphics for employees, having the right digital signage can transform your company. We can build the right solution for any industry or application — for restaurant menus, interactive retail displays, campus communication or corporate conference rooms.


Microsoft 365 

Using Microsoft Office 365, Netvious integrates email and collaboration software with the Office ProPlus Suite in the cloud for optimal management usage. This centralized platform brings simplicity, security, and efficiency to companies for an affordable price to ultimately facilitate the entire business process.


VOIP Phone Service

VOIP integrates voice traffic over one network, resulting in tremendous cost savings on telecommunications charges and employee phone systems. By implementing this phone service and other applications, you can improve company-wide communications in a seamless way. Messages can be sent not only by voice, but email, instant messaging, and image or video transfer as well. VOIP is less restricting and more efficient for the entire company.

Cloud Hosted Services

Cloud hosted services streamline business operations by providing one seamless helpdesk for the entire company to use. We partner with Microsoft to offer our clients 0365 and Azure services, to make sure they have the best quality help they need. Not only does managed cloud support simplify the administration and support aspects of the business, but it improves security regulation as well.


Business Continuity

Netvious is here for you through the entire technology process. After the implementation of new technology, there are still risks to be handled. We take over the management of business continuity services to stabilize operations in the case of any disaster. Dangers such as data loss, cyber attacks, and network downtime can be detrimental for any business, so our management helps lower the risk of these occurances. Business continuity essentially leads to productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction, so turn to Netvious to ensure your company’s success.

Back up/Disaster Recovery

Part of managing business continuity involves developing a structured plan in case of emergency. We work with you to back up your data, determine an off-site storage location, and develop a disaster recovery plan to allieviate the long-term burdens of any potential failure.

Cabling Services

Our cabling infrastructure is designed to be flexible, durable, and efficient to best support your business and any changes. Through evaluating existing infrastructure and company demands, we propose a tailored plan to your needs.