WAN Optimization

WAN Optimization

With an increase in cloud applications, social networks, and BYOD, WAN and Internet bandwidth can struggle to keep up with demand. As high speed wireless networks deliver faster throughputs to users, steps must be taken to maximize data pipes.

Benefits to WAN Optimization:

  • Accelerate popular web applications across the WAN up to 50x
  • Reduce WAN bandwidth by 65% to 95% to relieve bottlenecks
  • Provide faster connectivity for branch and campus locations
  • Maximize Internet connections and reduce costs

Not all solutions are right for every use case. Netvious experts can work with your organization to build a WAN optimization plan tailored to your network, applications, and users. Before increasing Internet bandwidth contracts with your provider, ensure the most efficient performance to reduce costs and improve overall user satisfaction. Measured results will have a dramatic impact on bottom lines.

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