Procurement Services

Procurement Services

IT sourcing professionals face significant challenges in evaluating and selecting the right suppliers to support wireless technology initiatives. The constantly changing technology landscape makes it extremely difficult for internal purchasing organizations to keep up. That is where Netvious comes in. We become an extension of your procurement team, ensuring that your organization is buying the right technology at the best price.

Selecting a wireless solution often requires creating a clear and precise RFP. Most teams do not have the resources or expertise required to ensure a fair and equal response. This often results in:

  • Misunderstood requirements
  • Insufficient responses
  • Apples-to-oranges comparisons

While compliance is key, any procurement solution should first align with solving the business and technical objectives. Many projects suffer from poor specification, leaving room for vendor interpretation and making balanced comparisons very difficult.

Netvious Consultants help ensure that all requirements are clearly documented while aligning to short- and long-term objectives for the expected deployment life.  We can then create a clear and concise RFP document designed to solicit balanced responses while maintaining compliance with all necessary rules and regulations. In addition, we can assist throughout the proposal process to help manage and weigh responses to pre-defined measurement criteria.  With Netvious Advisors guiding your next major purchase, you can be sure your end result will delight.

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