Our Story

With a name like Netvious, we are often asked what is it, exactly, that we do?

The short answer? At Netvious, we deliver tailored IT solutions that connect people, systems, and data.

 Of course, there’s a longer answer, about how we started out with a laser focus on wireless, technology. Our goal was to eliminate the frustration of unreliable wireless, no matter what size your company or what industry you were in.

It turns out, that was a great place to start.

Because our focus was on wireless solutions across industries, our team was called upon to solve issues in situations as diverse as a university campus, sports arenas, Internet start-ups, warehouses, even a rodeo.

That expertise gave us the foundation to expand our mission to include solving your critical infrastructure and ongoing IT needs. At Netvious, we have not just depth, but a breadth of experience that underpins our success in designing, implementing and maintaining Technology systems that are secure, robust, and reliable — and tailored to meet your challenges.

What We Do

Netvious specializes in end-to-end solutions for enterprise technology. From design to deployment to managed services, Netvious takes care of your IT needs — so you can take care of business.

Whether your company is a major retail chain across multiple locations, a growing engineering firm, or a pop-up restaurant, you need to make the most of technology — and you probably don’t have the resources for a fully dedicated IT staff to keep abreast of rapidly-changing innovations.

With Netvious, you get the security of a team with years of experience across multiple verticals in the most challenging and complex environments. Add to that a company philosophy dedicated to saving you money, expanding your business, and supporting your team with everything from Microsoft 365 to software training, to world-class customer service, and you can see why Netvious was named to the Inc. 5000 list, ranking 7th among Texas companies.

Whether your company is big or small, enterprise or nonprofit, a house of worship or a municipal court, our team is committed to your success. That’s the Netvious advantage.

Our Approach

At Netvious, your success is our success. Our goal is to help you leverage technology to improve operations, enhance decision-making with Wi-Fi analytics and big data, and transform your relationship with your own clients through location-based marketing, and reliable internet connectivity. We understand your budget and your concerns; our priority is to help you optimize your existing technology investment, and then introduce new cost-effective technologies to improve the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of your organization.

Our team is passionate about the transformative power of technology. We also understand the importance of decreasing your risk around the issues of IT support, cloud back-ups, catastrophic failure, and cyber security. Our goal is to provide you with the infrastructure and support you need to take advantage of the ever-growing opportunities technology can provide.

Robust, secure systems, reliable support, and cost-saving expertise: that’s the Netvious advantage.

Our Clients

If there’s a cornerstone philosophy at Netvious, it’s that everyone deserves first-class technology. Whether you’re a mid-sized gaming company, and up and coming Architecture firm, or a major sports arena, we’ve already helped someone just like you. This vast expertise in best practices and real-world results enables us to walk in the door with the knowledge you need to meet your individual challenges.

We get it: no matter who you serve or what size your payroll, technology is mission-critical. Your system needs to be flexible, robust, and secure whether you’re a hospital, a dentist’s office, a national restaurant chain, or the town of Addison. You want to make the most of what technology has to offer, and at the same time you need to make sure your system is secure, and your employees have the support and training they need.

Netvious can help. We see ourselves as a partner in your success, with design, implementation, managed services, and support, all tailored to your needs and budget.