Our Company

Our Story

As wireless technology enthusiasts, we are committed to creating a company that serves the dramatically growing need to leverage mobile technology. We are excited about the prospects of mobile technology changing the way people work, live and play and understand the importance of wireless infrastructure in making this happen.

The team quickly recognized that wireless connectivity was becoming increasingly complex as more mission-critical applications relied on the Internet. Organizations evolved to require highly robust and secure infrastructure networks that are completely reliable and perform on par with wired networks.

Our company, Netvious, was launched with a dedicated focus on finding a better way to design and deploy secure wireless network technology that works not just for today, but for years to come. The Netvious team strongly believes that clients don’t have to settle for mediocre Wi-Fi; everyone deserves a wireless systems that delivers wired-like performance.

Netvious is a state of Texas HUB Minority Business Enterprise and a member of the Minority Supplier Diversity Council.

Our Approach

A hallmark of our approach is to bring key stakeholders into the process, including technology leaders, administrators, network engineers, architects, and facilities managers.

We actively collaborate with clients to conduct a detailed Site Analysis of your specific wireless and mobility issues. You receive an actionable plan, one that delivers on business objectives while maximizing investment. We take the guesswork out of designing your wireless network by quantitatively identifying the ideal number and placement of access points, as well as optimizing network configuration to support a world-class wireless network.

And we do it with an eye toward where your organization is going, what demands will be made on the system not just tomorrow, but next year and the year after. Bottlenecks become a thing of the past when you have a network that grows with you.

Our Services & Solutions

Our services range from straight consulting engagements, where we help clients optimize an existing wireless system, to full-blown wireless infrastructure implementation, where we provide end-to-end support. This includes the planning, budgeting, design, purchase, construction and engineering of the wireless deployment.

Whatever your needs, we start with developing an individual blueprint for your specific situation. Our consultants acquire a holistic view of your environment through a comprehensive seven-point process that allows us to deliver customized solution designs tailored to your unique environment. We deliver optimal performance for each client by integrating leading technology, best practices, and a thorough understanding of future trends. At Netvious, we design systems to meet clients’ needs today, tomorrow and in the future.