How well do your technology partners connect with your purpose?

Nonprofits: Optimized Networks Changing the World

Enabling nonprofits to maximize their resources is part of our mission at Netvious. Our team includes board members and front-line volunteers for a variety of charities and nonprofit organizations, and we bring our own experiences to bear on the design and support of your technology needs. No matter your size, location, or individual challenges, our vast experience with organizations of all sizes allows us to anticipate the problems you may face and help you leverage technology to boost volunteer engagement, enhance fundraising, support regulatory compliance and help every dollar do the most good.  

Enterprise-Level Expertise

Nonprofits must maximize resources, empower staff and volunteers, and balance both security and budgetary concerns. While commercial enterprises use the latest technologies and best practices to grow their bottom line, Netvious believes nonprofits deserve access to the same level of expertise, allowing you to make the world a better place, all at a cost you can afford.

Netvious is committed to delivering:

  • Industry relevant expertise and best practices
  • Deep understanding of not for profit operations
  • Data analytics, network design and security
  • Help desk and managed services
  • Non-profit discounts