Large Public Venues

Large Public Venues

From presentations to trade shows, sporting events or concerts, you won’t find a wireless network that’s stretched to its limits more than at a large public venue. Thousands of devices, all trying to connect in a dense environment, will simply overwhelm most networks. Just search for “#WiFi fail” on Twitter for any major event, and you’ll be sure to find frustrated vendors and spectators who can’t connect in conference rooms, auditoriums and sports arenas and stadiums.

Netvious can:

  • Create actual reliable, high-performance wireless under heavy capacity
  • Provide 2-3X capacity using up to 75% fewer hardware
  • Extend wireless equipment life by up to 3x
  • Provide advanced application integration for location services, social Wi-Fi, and analytics

Our time-proven delivery process lets us provide the highly predictable level of service that your large public venue needs for its vision to come to life. We’ll map out solutions in an easy-to-understand format, integrate tightly with your team, and implement services flawlessly — on time and on budget.

Great Wi-Fi brings sponsors and guests back!

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