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Netvious powers the Connected Learning experience

Wireless is enabling innovation on campuses like never before. Leading educators are working hard to transform the classroom using modern instructional methods. From gamification to blended learning, new applications aid teachers in reaching students and help instruction to come alive. Most school districts are simply unable to dedicate staff to wireless alone and as a result, significant parts of mobility planning are missed, often resulting in poor investment of precious resources.

Netvious helps schools:

  • Align wireless to support instructional goals today and tomorrow
  • Develop service levels to meet application performance expectations
  • Extend wireless infrastructure life by up to 3X with longer term planning
  • Provide network design and procurement assistance to ensure maximized investments

From 1:1, 2:1, and BYOD, Netvious helps schools plan and develop robust wireless and mobility infrastructures to support reliable, safe and secure access to educational resources. In the classroom, where every second counts, careful planning generates service levels ensuring application success and teacher/staff support. Our teams have expertise with implementations of all sizes and can help meet the needs specific to your district.

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