The Internet of Things enables rapid exchanges of information and connects people around the world. Users can benefit from advanced technology but it is important to consider the risks and challenges of joining this powerful network. Netvious offers recommendations to make the best use of the Internet of Things.

About the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables any device with an on/off switch to connect to the Internet and other devices. These devices include copy machines, thermostats, sophisticated commercial machines, learning labs, and much more. The IoT is a vast network of worldwide connectivity. People and things link to other people and things, therefore, bringing the world closer together. The Gartner Group predicts that by 2020, the number of connected devices will reach more than 26 billion. This will significantly impact most, if not all, organizations.

Why is this important?

Current trends show rapid growth in dependency on today’s innovative and ever changing technology. As a result, more mission-critical applications integrate new features in more ways. The IoT’s complexities and transformations ultimately require more focus on wireless connectivity. As the online community expands, members face more risk of losing reliability. Users can benefit from improvements in speed and durability, however, there is a larger issue to fix. Internet security is a significant concern due to the increases in users, as well as information stored online. With an unsecured wireless network, it is easier for outsiders to obtain access to personal data. For maximum efficiency and safety, Netvious recommends implementing highly robust and secure infrastructure.

How Netvious can help

Here at Netvious, we work to research problems in modern technology and efficiently find solutions. Our exceptional team ensures customers receive the best products, advice, and services in line with their needs. We stay ahead of our time to not only provide wireless that works but prepare you for the future. We will work closely with your organization to leverage new and existing technology. Netvious is here to help improve your organization, share beneficial information, and connect you with the world.