Houses of Worship

Houses of Worship

Enabling ministry to maximize stewardship is part of our mission at Netvious. Our team includes active church leaders who bring their own experience to bear when serving our church clients. Unlike other managed services companies, Netvious brings to the table years of working with ministries of all sizes, from small town worship centers with fewer than 300 members to Fellowship Church, with a weekly attendance of more than 25,000 parishioners across six campuses. No matter your size, location, or individual challenges, our vast experience allows us to anticipate the problems you may face and help you leverage technology to boost parishioner engagement, enhance church productivity and increase collaboration.

Effective ministry requires maximizing resources while empowering staff and volunteers, all while balancing security and budgetary concerns. While commercial enterprises use the latest technologies and best practices to grow their bottom line, Netvious believes ministry deserves access to the same level of expertise to grow the Kingdom at a cost you can afford.

We help you do more with what you already have by leveraging your existing technology investment, from traditional elements such as network design and management, mobile device and desktop support, church management software; to more advanced components like WiFi analytics, smart building automation, and integrated data systems. The Netvious Ministry Services team provides a customized, comprehensive approach to ministry IT, bringing you the IT expertise you need without the cost of maintaining a full time, in-house IT team of your own.

From recording sermons, keeping a virtual eye on children’s services and even passing the plate via mobile payment apps, technology has become an important part of church life. It also brings challenges, from security concerns to volunteers bringing their own devices onto your network. Harnessing the power of technology to build your community and your ministry while keeping everyone both safe and connected can be daunting.

Netvious can help.

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Netvious Ministry Services At a Glance:

  • IT expertise and 24/7 responsive customer service
  • Customized, comprehensive approach to Ministry IT
  • Network design and management
  • Data-driven Ministry analysis
  • Consulting, training, and ongoing software support
  • Enterprise class IT for Ministry budgets
  • Free IT Security audit


Modern Worship Centers Need Modern Technology

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