Do your Technology Partners Achieve Your Standards?

Empowering Educators

Partnering with Netvious means bringing on the expertise, agility, and security you need to manage technology in education. We understand your challenges: our president, Tim Adams, is the former IT Director for a major Charter School in Texas. Under Tim’s leadership, Netvious has significant of experience creating and building out technology solutions for public, private, parochial and colleges and universities.


Unlike many technology service companies who treat schools like their business clients, we value your mission and understand your budgetary challenges, ongoing training and support issues, regulatory compliance, and the technological agility you require to meet your desired student outcomes. We are proud to say that our Netvious team members have had a positive impact on several hundred thousand students across Texas. We are passionate about enabling educators to focus on inspiring and teaching the next generation of innovators, while we take care of the technology that helps them to blossom.

Netvious is committed to delivering:

  • Best practice, comprehensive approach to Education IT
  • Strong expertise in e-rate
  • High performance, network Infrastructure Design
  • Heavy security emphasis in everything we do
  • Help desk and managed Services
  • Outstanding customer service & support