Large Public Venues

Gilley’s: Transforming Technology

Gilley’s, the iconic entertainment venue in Dallas, TX, is busy all day and night hosting locals and tourists. Not only is Gilley’s open every day for its crowds of visitors, but it operates as a restaurant, entertainment center, and private function space for 6,500 people. With 91,000 square feet of space, the venue can transform for corporate events, concerts, weddings and more.

The challenge was providing technology to power all 91,000 square feet. For that, Gilley’s turned to Netvious. Our team has an expertise developed from a decade in the field, facing every possible challenge and developing best practices and solutions. By providing cutting edge technology and connecting everyone from staff to artist to vendor, we were able to give Gilley’s a world-class infrastructure — so that Gilley’s can give their guests a world-class experience.