Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Arredondo, Zepeda & Brunz, LLC: Managed Support

A leading-edge engineering firm with 70 employees and five locations, Arredondo, Zepeda & Brunz provide consulting and services for major transportation, transit, environmental, surveying, water, waste and construction projects. They also face unique challenges. AZ&B needed a provider who understood industry-specific requirements such as GIS applications, CAD applications, and the enormous data required to run their firm.

They needed Netvious.

Netvious has the skilled team, client-centered focus, and hands-on experience to provide premiere design, deployment, and support to AEC. Under the leadership of Brian Rivers, a former IT Director for a large, successful architectural engineering firm, Netvious seamlessly implemented a secure IT infrastructure across their offices and created the ability to successfully roam and transfer large engineering files effortlessly across all locations. In addition, Netvious Managed Services created a powerful, stable business environment while taking the burden of IT management off of AZ&B’s in-house staff.