BYOD (Bring You Own Device) provides many benefits such as lower costs, better work-life balance and improved productivity, but it also leads to significant challenges surrounding IT security and privacy concerns. Netvious can help you develop and implement an effective BYOD policy in the workplace to mitigate risk and facilitate a smooth mobility transition in your organization.

The rise in BYOD is driven by a need to serve users cost-effectively with existing devices. With the increasing commoditization of hardware and platform neutral applications, BYOD is an extremely efficient solution to empowering users on the devices they know best. A popular trend in education, BYOD is increasingly finding its way into enterprise, presenting opportunity as well as infrastructure and security challenges.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces burden on IT over device maintenance and updates
  • Increases productivity with users on their preferred devices
  • Reduces cost by transferring operating costs to users
  • Encourages after-hours production

A BYOD Infrastructure

A successful BYOD program requires more than just a few access points. Wireless networks once designed for coverage will need to be redesigned for capacity based on service levels. As wireless device types and standards rapidly evolve, it is critical to have a careful understanding of how specific device radio types affect overall performance. Netvious experts work to plan a BYOD infrastructure that supports current and future device trends while enabling long term investment protection, ensuring satisfied users.

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